Kasbah Kosher Steakhouse’s story begins in New York City in the 1980’s. The Dery brothers’ menu is inspired by the original European and Middle Eastern cuisine. Learning from their family, the kitchen skills, and culinary secrets, the brothers’ started their business-adding healthy cooking techniques and perfect natural taste to each exquisite dish. Since then, Kasbah has been successfully serving the Jewish and non-Jewish communities, always keeping their mission of providing the best service and quality dishes. Brick walls, antique chandeliers, and rustic finished woods, transform Kasbah into a perfect atmosphere for couples, friends reunions, family celebrations, and large group events.

In collaboration with our Executive Chef, Kasbah has created a tempting menu together with a friendly service, featuring American traditional favorites as well as Middle Eastern specialties. Our menu offerings runs from, a classic deli pastrami sandwich, homemade hummus served with crisp pita bread, to a fresh tropical sushi rolls, and a sizzling King Moshiach Steak. Fans of Kasbah Steakhouse always enjoy the restaurant’s signature dishes such as: Brazilian Sirloin Steak, homemade beef cigars, and the classic Kufta spicy burger thereby providing an overall stunning dinner experience.

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Love this place. It’s incredibly Jewish and you’ll undoubtedly be greeted by TVs starring men in black hats, but you get a free dessert with a dvar Torah. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, this place probably isn’t for you.

Truth is, the portions are fairly large, so you probably won’t even be needing that free dessert anyway. Steaks and burgers are cooked properly, and most meats are drizzled down in BBQ sauce. It very much has that deli feel in that you’ll get that coleslaw and those pickles you crave.

There used to be a BYOB policy, but I’m not sure it still exists. I’d recommend any of the meat sandwiches. Sushi is very good, comes with 3-4 sauces, and the service is an A+. This place is perfect for your really yeshivish friend’s bday dinner. They will gladly take you in and tolerate your babbling. Also, the takeout service is very solid. Great job people.

Yelp ***** 5/29/2017

Wonderful service and the food was delightful. One of the best stake wraps I have had in New York. The ambiance was also nice.

Yelp  *****  2/26/2017   This place serves absolutely phenomenal food. I came here recently with a really good friend of mine. We got some REALLY good meat! Definitely worth 5 stars. Also the rabbi on hand, Shlomo A. engaged us in conversation and really listened. He was truly a righteous individual. Our waiter Albert knew the menu inside and out. And the manager Yossi was super nice as well. People should definitely come here. Very solid kosher food and dining.


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